so here is the ideas so somthing easy get a tisue box some string and a paper towel roll also tape so first       part 1 place the box down   part 2 tape six strings across the box  part   3 tape the paper towel roll to the tissue box and last start playing

Sup Alex here I'm gonna guess that was sccrlvr I'll ask her later

Thanks Alex, on that fascinating project to make....what now? Anyway, here's another really cool project to make with an old shoebox and some toilet paper rolls. Step 1: Take and old shoebox. You can paint it or just find a really cute one. Step 2: Take your old toilet paper rolls and paint them different colors. Step 3: Take some nice, strong glue and cover the bottom of the shoebox with it with a painting sponge of something kind of like that. Step 4: Take your toilet paper rolls and and stick them to the bottom of the shoebox. Twist the so they stick in the glue a bit better. Step 5: Voila! You know have your own DIY pencils, markers, colored pencils, pens, etc. organizer!