Hi. I'm #sccrlvr_20, and this is my Wikia about Creative Recycling. Recycling is very important. It reduces the amount of pollution caused by waste that should've been recycled. It also helps make sure our landfills don't get to full to fast. So, next time, before you throw away a milk jug or a juice box, make sure it can't be recycled. Believe me, your planet will thank you!

*My friend Alex S. will be posting from time to time on Creative Recycling*

Hey. This is #sccrlvr_20. I am really big on saving energy, recycling, stuff like that. I would like to add a bit to Alex's page. Has anyone heard of Bethany Mota? I ♥ watching her on YouTube. She has the coolest ideas for recycling old shirts, lamps, and even soda cans! I encourage you to check her out on YouTube. I found this DIY Bethany Mota video made about two years ago...I know, I know. Seems like so long ago, right? Whatevs. I'm just keepin' it real.....okkkk that was weird. Anyway, this DIY is: DIY Room Decorations using old water bottles and soda cans. Here's the link: I love her video's and enjoy watching them becuase Bethany has THE coolest DIY's. Enjoy!